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SWIVEL Software is a logistics software for Freight Forwarders and Importers/Exporters. Collaboration Portal, Logistics Tracking, PO Management, E-Commerce, Transportation Management System (ERP) and more.

SWIVEL Software Dynamics

Previously named Paradigm Corporation, SWIVEL Software boasts a mix of customers that are freight forwarders and shippers that have global offices using the web-based systems. Partnered with Amazon Web Services (AWS), SWIVEL Software provides 99.9% uptime with bank-like data security. As clients are added on a global basis, SWIVEL can quickly scale with AWS. 

Global Presence and Representation

Business offices located in Hong Kong, USA, and Japan. Our SWIVEL team consists of leading-edge talent of software engineers, database analysts, customer support personnel, our qualified experienced leadership skills merge the same enthusiasm with our partners and representatives worldwide.  



Mandy Mak - Founder 

Founded by Mandy, COO of SWIVEL Software, her vision has led a dynamic team of people coming from the industry with experience and programming skills starting from organic to expert and becoming swivel engineers. 




Importer/ Exporter

Shipments visibility? 

Q :

Importer and Exporter are usually bombarded with overwhelming task and do not have the time to monitor their own shipping process. 


A :

SWIVEL software shipments tracking tools will provide visibility status for the shipper and consignee for outbound and inbound international shipments.

Logistics Providers

Q :

How can we be more efficient and profitable at the same time in this competitive market? Should I continue to operate with what we have currently or upgrade to a cloud-based technical systems environment?  


A :

SWIVEL software cloud-based systems are designed to increase logistics providers booking activities without increasing their company overheads, our systems provide the scalabilities and flexibilities needed to work efficiently to generate more revenue from your operations.    

Q : Which Systems you should choose? 

A :SWIVEL's Solution Identifier. We will analyze which systems are designed to suit your needs. 

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