Purchase Order Management 

SWIVEL POM streamlines a purchase order process by aligning all trading partners on the same platform. 

Our workflow process provides greater accuracy, speed, visibility, and control over the purchase order starting from the buyer transmitting an order to the factory. Once the PO is completed and all related shipping document is ready, our systems will send a notification to all trading partners regarding completions of the finish products ready to be ship. 

Order Visibility and Tracking

Utilizing PO Management to secure your customers

POM Advantages 

  • Flexible, Neutral Platform
    Importers sometimes work with several logistics providers and they have their own systems.  The issue is each buyer has to go into multiple systems to get the answer.  With SWIVEL POM, all parties can be on one NEUTRAL system, controlled by the importer.  This allows consolidated reporting and universal exception alerts.

  • Electronic Booking and Document Management
    Packing List, Commercial Invoice and other documents can be uploaded and shared with the customer and freight forwarder at the same time. Our “copy booking” function saves time for frequent shipments. SWIVEL POM can also serve as an EDMS with all documents available online, which helps expedite customs clearance and special permits.

  • Exception Alerts
    Shipments get delayed due to some external circumstances.
    In these instances, SWIVEL POM provides email alerts for these exceptions in accordance with each trading partners

  • Plug & Play features 
    Our systems are already well versed in both traditional and simplified Chinese language pack.  In addition, factories can easily upload excel for their PO’s if EDI is not accepted.  Each PO file can be defined or customized without any programming charge.  Using the KISS method, factories should have the path of least resistance when logging into a system.  Using automation of ASN’s and Permission to Ship notices, the factory or vendor can utilize the system with confidence. 

Single Monitoring Platform

  • POM is already configured with our SWIVEL ERP, or it can be used as a standalone purchase order management software. 

  • SWIVEL POM aligns all parties on the same platform so that everyone sees one source of truth.  If the factory ships product out late, the system alerts the buyer.  

  • Single collaborated platform monitoring communications between all trading partner from the beginning of a PO till completions 

Cargo Tracking 

All trading partners can get the latest shipment status according to PO number, house bill number, a container number or keyword search. The system will show the status from booking to departure, from arrival to delivery.  No matter the mode - Ocean FCL/LCL or Air, SWIVEL POM can provide end-to-end tracking – from factory to door.

Customer Tech Support 

  • Our IT support team provides a smooth roll-out rapid response before the systems go-live date 

  • Our Support team will configure and implement our systems to suit your orgainztions multi offices or multi country branch locations.

  • Software Training can be scheduled and arranged on-site, remotely online, phone or email

  • Tecnchinal issues are managed by our ticketing systems 


Swivel POM



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