360 Analytical Systems

360 is our Collaborative Portal generating visibility and transparency 

With SWIVEL 360™, trading partners can get real-time alerts and search the status of a shipment based on SKU or item code, purchase order, bill of lading, container or customer. 

Online Customer Booking Portal

  • Neutral - Multiple Logistics providers can be invited into the system

  • Shipment track and trace

  • Manage by Exception - Through Milestone Alerts

  • Vendor Scorecard Capabilities - Fill Rate; Lead Time; Ship window 

  • Easy Factory Adoption

  • Centralized Document


  • Plugable cargo tracking solution to any web pages

  • Search over 60 carriers and ocean liners for updated cargo status

  • Automatically capture footprint from POM, WMS, ERP

  • Exception management and proactive alert

  • Support 3rd party logistics systems by API, EDI or Excel


  • Minimize data entry 
  • Avoid redundant shipment data 
  • Task management tool 
  • Email communications and confirmation
  • EDI auto-updates shipment status

Online Customer Portal

  • Collaborate all stakeholders e.g. factories, forwarders, truckers, brokers on single platform

  • Self-service portal on order management and shipment booking

  • Document sharing and message exchange

  • Support Excel upload and download

Data Analytics Reporting

  • Flexible configuration of dashboard

  • Support pie chart, line view and table view to impress readers

  • Dashboard sharing function to share your view with customers and agents

  • Default integration with Swivel product suite

  • API integration with 3rd party applications

Cloud Data Security 

  • Cloud applications accessible via the internet and work anywhere.

  • Private and secure database log in hosted by AWS 

  • Each security level will be set up by a user, customer, or other trading partners. 

  • Daily redundant backup hosted by AWS 


Swivel 360



Submit ERP FM3000
Alert Shipper & Forwarder

POM / 360

Submit ERP FM3000
Alert Shipper & Forwarder

Cargo Ready

POM Alert

Shipper & Forwarder

LCL / FCL Shipment

ERP Alert

Forwarder & Customer

Departure Notification

House-Bill (Air/Sea)

ERP Alert Forwarder

Shipping Order Release

ERP Alert

Forwarder & Customer

Warehouse Receipt

ERP + WMS Alert

Shipper & Customer

Delivery Order / Note

ERP + TMS Alert

Shipper & Customer

Goods Receive & Sign

360 FM3000 Update

POM + ERP Shipper

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