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Customer Retention Management

SWIVEL CRM is specifically designed for logistics companies to help monitor their customer communications and activities within the sales pipeline.

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Sales Tools

  • Generate sales quotes using CRM built-in tariff systems  

  • Search for tariff by POD and POL 

  • Copy an existing quote and generate a new quote 

  • Download sales activities to Excel format 

  • Download carrier rates to Excel 

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Sales Opportunites 

  • Mobile app available to work remotely 

  • Cloud CRM provides analytical reports 

  • Calendar planner integrated with the business calendar 

  • Keep track of sales quotes per customer inquiry 

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Sales Quotes Process 

  • Create a quote email directly to the customer for approval 

  • Once the quote is approved by the customer 

  • Create a booking in CRM and sync into ERP

  • CRM keeps track of rejected quote in the system

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Dashboard Window 

  • Sales Teams budgets and sales volume set up 

  • Daily communication log with customers 

  • Number of quote generation with quote reference # 

  • Campaign email blast 

  • Sales assessments and financial forecast 

  • Keep track of the number of customers and their progress 

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