Let’s face it. Freight forwarders and NVOCC’s are in a pivotal juncture in decision making:  


Do I continue to operate the same way or do I adjust to the market and upgrade my technology?  


Do I engage in the world of ecommerce?  


Which online tools can I provide my customer that will cause “stickiness”?


  • Carrier Booking/


  • Consol/Hub Process

  • EDI Integration

  • Inter-branch 


  • Localized      Documentation

  • Status Track/Trace

  • Last Mile Delivery

  • Re-Export

  • Report Generator


  • House/MasterAWB/Ocean B/L

  • P&D Orders

  • Invoices


  • Full Stack Financial

       System-Aging, TB, 

       P&L, BS, AR/AP

  • VAT/GST Calculation

  • Multi-Currency

  • Real Time Reporting

The Freight Forwarder’s objectives are efficiency and scalability – boost bookings and increase revenue/profit without adding more staff.  SWIVEL Software can help!


Freight forwarders use SWIVEL ERP to handle the execution

of shipments between offices worldwide. Everyone is on the

same page using the same system.  


Go Digital with Your Customers 

How can Freight Forwarders make it easy for their customers to book shipments? Online tools. With SWIVEL ERP, shippers can check online air and sailing schedules as well as place the booking directly online. A draft House Bill can also be viewed on line to minimize possible human mistakes. Last, the shipment can be tracked from door to door, allowing complete visibility throughout the entire supply chain.


Hub Centre – Consolidation and Transshipment 

The challenge of every forwarder is to maximize the profitability of each consolidation where shipments may be coming from various offices to a hub centre. This is common practice, particularly in major ports such as Hong Kong, Singapore, Tokyo, and Shanghai.  The system allows offices to send out the shipment data to the hub

centre electronically so that consolidation can be optimized.


Data Quality

SWIVEL utilizes SOP – Standard Operating Procedures.  It is important that customers aren’t entered multiple times in one system. How many times has one consolidated shipment been double counted? Once the SOP rules are formed from a Corporate level, governance drives data accuracy.

In addition, SWIVEL ERP connects data through EDI, API, as well as XML, ANSI, UNEDIFACT. Duplicated data entry is minimized as shipment data from export station seamlessly goes to the import station.  


Real Time Information

Most systems cannot provide profit analysis per branch office until month end. SWIVEL ERP can provide this information at the end of each day.  How?  SWIVEL ERP files customer sales quotation, allow operation handles consolidation, support auto invoicing function and integrated completely with accounting system. This

A to Z approach streamlines the entire internal process of a freight forwarder. Some management reports include tonnage report, profitability report, sales performance report, and the auto-cost allocation function which allows the system to calculate the precise profitability of each shipment, each customer, and each agent.  


Corporate Accounting Control

SWIVEL ERP provides full set of accounting report e.g. Trial Balance, Balance Sheet, Profit and Loss Statement, Sub ledger Listing and more. The system comes along with corporate customer statement, corporate profit and loss and corporate balance sheet to give the management the financial performance of the region. The system supports automatic intercompany debit credit transaction for the financial hub to minimize data entry in local accounts. 


Local Feel

From a local branch level, integration with local customs clearance and local tax accounting are part of SWIVEL ERP. Each country has its own accounting rules, so why force it into one global system? SWIVEL Software is flexible to each branch office, adapting to multiple ledgers, multiple currencies, and local tax requirements in Japan, China, S Korea, Singapore, as well as EU, US and other countries.

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