Warehouse Management Software

SWIVEL WMS cloud Web-based systems control and manage day-to-day operations ensuring accuracy from receiving inventory to put-away, optimize shipping and picking order including inventory replenishment.  


Synchronize inventory levels across your sales channel at multiple locations. Freight forwarders and 3PLs can manage their customers’ product levels across regions. Our platform provides all the necessary features to successfully scale your business operations and increase your customer base across multiple channels.

Managing Features 

  • View Multi-Warehouse and CFS Inventory Levels in real time–globally

  • System integrations via EDI, API, Excel uploads

  • Supports EDI Transaction setup

Key Features

  • Stock In Location Allocation

  • CFS/Cross-Docking

  • Barcode / QR Code

  • Multi-Languages

  • Product Grouping 

  • Report Generator

Systems Monitoring 

Our systems are easy to set up using the barcode systems RFID hardware with our friendly mobile APP to monitor the overall inventory control process. Accurate KPI analytics data will enable a user to create aspects of their inventory finished goods and material work in progress

Projects Inventory Management 

Our method determine its cost of inventory (Inventory valuation) directly impacts the financial statements. The three main methods for inventory costing are First-in, First-Out (FIFO), Last-in, First-Out (LIFO) and Average cost.

Inventory Management 

Our systems can track products by attributes, colors, and sizes, while monitoring product stocked levels in real-time maintenance to achieve a cohesive approach by projecting sustainability on PO's decision to stock up during seasonal demands.


Swivel WMS



Cargo Inbound

Update POM/WMS

Alert Trucker / Warehouse

Real Time


Track & Trace


SKU Stock status

Operations KPI status

Financial P&L Status

Cargo Goods-In

Check & Receive & Load

Update TMS/WMS

Alert Warehouse


SKU / PC / Carton / Weight

Measure Check & Scan

Update WMS

Alert Customer


Stock In / Out movimg

Location / Stock record

Update WMS

Alert Customer

Inventory Move / Cycle

Count / Stock Count

Update WMS

Alert Customer

Delivery Note /

Packing List

Update TMS/WMS

Alert Customer

Goods Receive & Sign
Update POM + TMS + WMS
Alert Customer

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