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SWIVEL TRAK is for transnational container tracking, covering global routes. It integrates logistics components, provides real-time tracking, and offers dynamic data on sailing schedules, delays, and on-time rates. It enhances efficiency, visibility, and management of international shipping hub logistics.



  • Connect Every Sector Of Supply Chain With Ease.

  • We cover 40+ shipping companies and routes worldwide, sharing vital data like route codes, ETAs/ETDs, berthing info, delays, and punctuality rates.

Air and Ocean Schedule Tracking

  • SWIVEL TRAK is visualized tracking of goods from port to port, comprehensive docking yards, terminals, customs, and shipping companies to open up all international shipping hub logistics, truly realizing a digital and visual system for transnational container tracking.


TRAK is covering the global routes of the world's mainstream shipping companies. Provides dynamic/fixed data on the shipping company's sailing schedule, including route code, ETA/ETD, transfer calls, number of days of delay, on-time rate, etc.


Function Preview
Swivel TRAK

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