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Cargowise and Kewill have a new Competitor

Cargowise and Kewill have a new Competitor

The Freight Forwarder TMS/ERP market is about to heat up.

SWIVEL Software is now expanding globally. Headquartered in Hong Kong, it has recently established an office in the United States and is now offering a complete operational package for global freight forwarders.

As we look at the Forwarder TMS/ERP Market, we can see there is a ripe opportunity for SWIVEL ERP to differentiate from the likes of Wisetech (Cargowise) and Blujay (Kewill).

Here are a few of SWIVEL's Value Propositions:

Flexible (able to adapt to customers needs)

Pricing is predictable (SWIVEL won't charge to print out a document)

Live customer service

Master Data Control (logical flow of accurate data to ensure uniformity)

We at SWIVEL Software are excited to enter the ring.


Cargowise Kewill 有一個新競爭者

物流/ 貨運市場即將升溫。

訊譜軟件 現正在全球擴展。公司總部位於香港, 最近在美國成立了辦事處, 目前正為全球貨運代理商提供完整的營運服務。

當我們觀看運輸商的物流/ 貨運市場時, 我們可以看到訊譜軟件對該市場的專業, 區分跟Wisetech (Cargowise) 及Blujay (Kewill) 等公司的差別。



可預測的價格 (不會為影印一份文件而收費)

真人客戶服務 主數據控制 (具邏輯流程的準確數據以確保一致性) 我們訊譜軟件很高興加入競爭。


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